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When you are conscious, you are aware of and responding to your surrondings.

It is really not the most fashionable picture I have chosen. But picture aside, I do read a lot of fashion blogs, scroll through a lot of pictures on Pinterest and most importantly own a whole lot of clothing items. 

Being a 25 years old student with an almost non-existing budget, I have visited my fair share of high street stores. But that's the point, is it really my fair share? One day I realised that my consumption has an effect on the environment and do support unethical issues such as child labour. As a result I decided to give myself a conscious challenge each month. First challenge starts in April and is to not buy any newly produced clothes that month.

I have decided to post about my progress, experiences and my new knowledge of the world of preloved clothes, the conscious decisions available and the truth about how difficult it is to be a conscious consumer in 2019. I do not seek to judge people buying new clothes, I do not set out to be a perfect example. I simply wish to open up a dialoque about consciousness, the environment and that little action is better than no action.